I agree with this.
by oneill3b (2014-11-30 14:57:31)
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  In reply to: One major element keeps my optimism in check  posted by Jvan

I thought people were too quick to give up on Kelly in 2011, but after the USC game, I have pretty much lost hope. I think Kelly has made very good strides with the program in regard to overall recruiting, player development, and some key issues related to the team's schedule. But as long as Kelly retains control over the offense going forward, I think we are doomed. And I don't think Kelly would be capable of turning over the offense fully to someone who didn't learn offense under Kelly. (I suspect that Kelly was willing to turn it over to Martin only because Martin's offensive experience was basically limited to what he learned working with and under Kelly.)

The defensive injuries this year, coupled with the attrition and recruiting shortfalls on the defensive side -- which are partly the coaches' fault and partly bad luck -- explain and to some degree justify the defense's performance. I actually still think BVG gets an incomplete grade and that he could do well with a healthy and solid group on defense.

There is no similar excuse or explanation for the offense, and it's 100% on BK. Now that he is again fully in charge on offense, he simply puts too much on the QB, and his refusal to even work to establish a running game is perplexing. I don't think there is any coach other than Mike Leech who passes the ball more often when a game is close. Kelly just puts too much on the QB. It's a shame. With this offensive personnel, I think we could have had a very solid offense if we had structured things and called plays differently.


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