that's poor management on Swarbrick's part, if the case
by MrE (2014-11-30 14:51:47)
Edited on 2014-11-30 14:52:53
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  In reply to: JS gave CW 5th yr and we can assume he'll give BK a 6th...  posted by Scoop80

He should have a contingency plan, regardless of current results.

Heck, what if Kelly were to become disabled or dies? There should be a list of reasonable candidates with genuine interest. Well-run enterprises do this as a core practice, and it doesn't necessarily mean you are trying to run the guy out of town; it's just good business sense and risk management.

You don't need to have the ball on the one-foot line but it also doesn't mean you should be starting backed up on your own goal line, so to speak.

Kelly's desire to leave ND for the NFL has been clear; not just the dicking around with Philly in Jan '13, but also his appearances on the NFL Network during the draft, his planted interviews on NFL topics with Dan Patrick, Trace Armstrong's work, his re-work of his sideline demeanor, etc.

If Swarbrick has not done at least some meaningful legwork in the last 22 1/2 months, that's plain silly.


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