Excellent post--remember Hotz's teams in close games?
by Erasmus (2014-11-30 13:31:05)
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  In reply to: it's the type of plays more than anything  posted by jt

Your post triggers a host of memories with Hotz's teams in close games. With ND ahead by a small margin late in the game, Hotz's teams would consistently run the ball on long, time consuming drives.

Florida State, 1993, is a good example. When FSU closed to 24-17 in the 4th quarter after ND had been ahead 31-14, ND took the kick off and went on a long, time consuming drive to go ahead 31-17. (And, but for the lucky bounce off of Shawn Wooden's hands in the end zone, that would have been the final score in a game ND dominated.)


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