It's a tier 2/3 offense. Assumes play 1 tier 1 / yr
by btd (2014-11-30 13:27:31)
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  In reply to: after thinking about it over night  posted by jt

And largely concedes losing that game to go 10-2/11-1. In division I-A no team has a lot of great athletes. Mac teams don't either. Big east teams played very weak schedules and top to bottom was tier 2 and 3 teams - not one single tier 1 team.

ND plays a real schedule most years. We consistently play teams that have athletes to match what we have in raw talent. Kelly has no clue how to create an offense that can consistently beat those teams. Rich Rod couldn't either at michigan. At Arizona it works better because he is playing down a tier on average. He also grasps read option as part of the equation and Kelly doesn't. Either way it is not a shock Kelly is only slightly above average at nd.


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