Why do this? Kelly isn't changing. Anyone who supports him
by Jurassic (2014-11-30 12:52:25)
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  In reply to: The Reality is Notre Dame will not get rid of Kelly-Too Many  posted by GeorgiaIrish

is a damn fool, and only doing so in hopes they weren't "wrong about him" and the meanies just "want ND to fail to prove they were right." We know who we are. The meanies were right with Davie, right with Ty, and were right Weis. The deficiencies in the program were glaring then, just as they are now, and the meanies pointed it out then.

What if anything has Kelly done to date that gives one hope that he will make the necessary changes to elevate this program to the level the students, alumni, and fans of the University deserve?

Seriously? What changes has Kelly made to elevate the status of the program from an internal coaching perspective? I honestly can't think of one.


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