Funny how now everyone accepts his system sucks
by PA_doubleD (2014-11-30 12:40:21)
Edited on 2014-11-30 12:52:31
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  In reply to: after thinking about it over night  posted by jt

When multiple people have been trying to explain that his system is and has been broken, which means no matter the talent we have, we will always struggle against good competition. I've been saying for a while Kelly relies on luck and hoping his players make more plays than the other team. That rarely holds up against good team. Absolutely no strategy, just let your QB run around and hope he makes a play.

Kelly deserves a lot of blame for Golson's struggles, as he encourages his reckless style of play. He lets him run around all the time in practice, which obviously translates into a game. It doesn't help that Golson always had bad field vision and pocket presence, so that only makes it worse. Instead of trying to make him a competent pocket passer, Kelly throws Golson out there, let's him do his best Johnny Manziel and when things go bad, blames it on Everett.

Forget the turnovers for a second, the core issue is that it causes tremendous inconsistency in the offense and disrupts any rhythm we are trying to get. Golson actually reminds me a lot of RG3. No idea how to "stay within the offense" and hit the receiver he's supposed to when he's supposed to consistently. It's never "read 1, read 2, check down, take off," with Golson, it's drop back, stare down your intended receiver and wait for him to get open. If he doesn't, run around and try and make something out of nothing. It leads to the maddening inconsistency we've come know. Always been the same and zero chance of it changing. Don't bother calling for BK to hire an OC to run the offense either, that's like asking a CEO to let his VP run the company while the CEO sits back and watches.

On top of his god awful system, Kelly is a complete asshole who players tolerate only because they have to. They put up with it when things are going well, but when things go down like this, it's easy to see how quickly they tuned him out. I really wish Swarbrick would grow a pair and realize this guy is not what we need, but it's not happening for at least another year.


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