The Reality is Notre Dame will not get rid of Kelly-Too Many
by GeorgiaIrish (2014-11-30 12:39:28)
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There is no way Notre Dame is going to get rid of Kelly after this season unless Kelly quits on Notre Dame and goes elsewhere.
Too many excuses in his background, 8 players drafted to the NFL after last season, the suspensions, the injuries, the youngsters playing,the decently high rated recruiting classes, the kids graduating.
With that being sad I know I am just a subway alum with horrible grammar but I love this University just as much as many of you. Too many friends who are ND Alums, I was raised a Catholic, Been going to ND games for forty years, I just dont love the football team I love all the athletic teams and everything the University stands for.
I see the same stuff and agree with so much about what you all are disagreeing with. I look as far as the mens basketball team a program that needs less marquee players to be successful but Brey chokes over and over but the University keeps him on because he exemplifies what Notre Dame is about?
Coach Kelly well there were a whole lot of people happy when he came he had a proven record of success, but I remember a ND alum buddy telling me about a experience he had on Kellys first day of his first game. They said he was so arrogant and such a prima donna and my buddy told me watch this is not going to sit well with the ND family especially the ones who are a little more used to being a little more closer to the program then the regular alumni. Then I heard stories of Kelly being super moody around the town when he was out doing whatever, sometimes nice to some but then a jerk at other times.
With that being said and being pretty positive that Kelly is coming back then what is the answer for the program to have any chance of being successful with Kelly coaching the team to the next years playoffs. I just want Notre Dame Football to win. Van Gorder look at his record of staying places have you all looked? He doesnt stay places long. Kelly does he need to go get some offensive play calling help, Special teams help?
I truly think something has to be done as far as taking the kids up to a higher level in speed and conditioning and strength.
I did love the point someone made this week, Notre Dame does not pay Kelly the amount of money to be a elite coach like some of the other universities out there. So could Notre Dame make some coaching changes or should they with those around Kelly?
The team needs some sort of specialist on coaching the mental aspects of being prepared mentally on every play also.

Someone was telling me the other day when Saban was at MSU he wasn't considered a elite coach and now look at him. There is still a small part of me that i dont care if Kelly is a arrogant jerk as long as he wins big at Notre Dame.


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