Agree, especially about the offense.
by AraStopTheSnow (2014-11-30 12:03:13)

In reply to: after thinking about it over night  posted by jt

I'm less upset about the defense than the offense.

It's all been said, but we give away every play by the presnap formation. We never have 2 backs, and we line up the back next to the QB, so even when we have a back, the defense knows which side a running play has to go.

From Leach to Holtz, all effective offenses stretch a defense in all directions, both vertically and horizontally. Because our system telegraphs what's coming on every play, you either get a running play that's stuffed or a pass play where the QB runs for his life. Yesterday was simply this scheme's limitations taken to their logical conclusion. I can't stand to watch it anymore.