Re: OL. I watch a lot of SEC games...
by wiNDycityfan (2014-11-30 11:58:56)
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  In reply to: after thinking about it over night  posted by jt

Watching Bama AU last night (as well as UGA GT yesterday), I keep noticing how these teams line up and run basically the same (run-based) plays over the course of the game, sprinkled in with different looks, play action passes, but nothing magical about it, in fact quite simple. The OLs seem to be always in sync and prepared in their assignments.

There's nothing confusing about it. It is basically akin to a blow for blow heavyweight match. Is Kelly really complicating things too much for the OL to understand what to do? Is it the variety or quantity of plays (or both)? Any idea what the inconsistency in OL play over the years can be attributed to? It's not like talented players in the past performed admirably either.

Great post by the way.


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