after thinking about it over night
by jt (2014-11-30 11:37:48)
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a couple of thoughts:

- I understand the defense's struggles. I think that the biggest issue is the core scheme and the approach to football that doesn't rely on basic principles of playing defensive football (reading the play, diagnosing and getting to the spot, tackling/covering) and instead just tries to run around with no particular direction and "blow shit up." That said, there were a lot of young kids out there; I do not accept that we couldn't have played better because of it simply because it is easier to "plug and play" on defense when you have a competent core system. That said, even with such a system we likely would have struggled against Sc (no excuse for Northwestern).

- The offense is a clusterfuck and completely lacking in any basic understanding of overall football strategy. It is playground football that basically relies on "give the ball to the fast kid that can throw and let him make a play." It's a complete joke and only a matter of time before shit like that blows up on you. Our offensive line is terrible and struggles to pick up blitz and stunt protection. Our best OL (tallest midget, basically) just let a guy slide right around him yesterday for a sack and he didn't even turn; rather he kept looking downfield to block someone that wasn't there.

- There is absolutely no good reason for Bryant not being able to play much this year. Absolutely none. The kid has clear skills and we need guys like that on the field. He might not be able to pass block/get run over quite as well as Patrick O'Sullivan McDaniel but what he can do is better than probably almost every other skill position on offense. It is up to the coaching staff to figure out ways to get the ball in that kid's hands 10-15 times per game (to go with 15-20 times for Folston).

Complete lack of fundamental football. This is the type of shit that can only work when you have clearly better athletes than the other team or when the other team's athletes are just straight up bad. It doesn't and won't work against the teams we play on a consistent basis.


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