Can't really remember the food. The old itineraries
by Moff (2014-11-30 10:48:56)

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just say team meal in "X" ballroom, so who knows. Certainly don't remember lobster tails or steaks on regular away trips. During the week we ate the same as the students, which wasn't great, as you recall. On Wednesdays, it was steak and shrimp night for us. Bad steaks and breaded shrimp. Exciting for a college student used to the usual, but not very appetizing in retrospect.

Although at the Cotton Bowl we went to a dude ranch type place and they grilled steaks for us. Have a picture of Andre Jones surveying the scene. They also had a Beef Bowl in a room overlooking the field at the Cowboys Stadium, where we tried to see which team could eat more steak. I think A&M might have won that too.