Why do people get caught up in what Kelly says? Why
by KevinPS (2014-11-30 10:31:45)

even go there? His record speaks for itself: He's better than his three predecessors and that isn't good enough. He's lost five of his last six, one of those to a team that objectively sucks. He was blown out in two of the five, including an epic flogging yesterday.

Why parse his words, worry about what he says, etc.? He didn't get the job done. I don't care how many injuries he had, how young the team is, was, or will be. It was his fifth season and he had his worst record. He was and is responsible for every aspect of the program at this point, including having seasoned depth, the right staff, etc.

He runs an offense that is too complicated for his players to consistently execute--I think because he wants to "out coach" his opponent and not just beat him. He doubled down this year on a high risk, high reward defensive scheme that sucked to the tune of a school record number of points allowed. His special teams are a net negative. These are things that should be concerning to fans, not what he says, what players he has or doesn't have a good relationship with, etc.