Take a moment to consider....
by Brahms (2014-11-30 10:17:09)
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....that there is not one thing this team and this program does well. We are abysmal at all three aspects of the game itself. In game play calling is often abysmal. Game prep is poor. We are inconsistent at developing players, and poor in developing the QB, they key to this offense. We develop QBs who talk back to or tune out the HC. Strength and conditioning is a question mark. Recruiting has had some success but some here might argue with that. Academically we are above the norm, and discipline those who don't take that aspect of the University seriously.

So, right now we hype and sell well. We got turf and bling. We got Jack saying all the right things. We still make a splash. We got that new Crossroads monstrosity thing to set us apart and show forward-thinking, even as Kelly is stuck in a narrow paradigm. It also helps to hide the stadium. Our players don't always stay out of trouble, but when they stray we discipline them. We do it in a preachy kind of way which helps us sell. Largely we are a product. Apparel companies fight for the rights to our game day fare. So be it. Nice job, ND.


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