That was the case in Ann Arbor, Penn State, Purdue, etc.
by Moff (2014-11-30 10:11:24)
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I can't even call to mind an image of those hotels. I recall the Cheyenne Mountain Inn only because I had never before seen the Rockies and you could see the entrance to NORAD from there. Not a Holiday Inn but not much better than one in the parts in which we were staying. Even that hotel in Miami, they had us in the section without the beach views, looking out on that road along the beach, while Lou and about 10 others were in the nicer section. We had to lead Lou through the kitchen under the ND throngs that would assemble in the lobby. At one point they got lost down there, so it was a Spinal Tap moment. Thankfully, I wasn't with him at the time.


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