Kelly is here until he voluntarily resigns. 7-5 is above
by btd (2014-11-30 10:10:38)
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  In reply to: there is no parachute, no fix, no light at the end of the  posted by ACross

the bar this administration has set. He could go 7-5 twenty straight years and they would not make a change. Reality is he will mix in a few 10-3/11-2 years.

ND football is now ND basketball. It is gone short of an untimely death in the admin and a miracle replacement -- someone the BOT misjudges so they slip through by accident. The odds of either one are below 1% and we need both to happen -- just to trigger Kelly being fired. We then have to find a replacement.

Our choices are:

1) Become Cubs fans. Just go for the hell of it knowing it is hopeless

2) Walk away entirely. Nearly impossible for anyone over 40, but the younger people probably aren't as wed to ND -- even alumni

3) Burn a lot of energy screaming at people that could care less what we say and don't care if any of us ever give a penny again to ND


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