Kelly's performance and behavior has made Swarbrick's job
by cj (2014-11-30 09:43:58)
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  In reply to: there is no parachute, no fix, no light at the end of the  posted by ACross

real easy.

This is a layup.

Will Swarbrick choose doing what's right for the University or cowardice?

His choice....

I'm guessing he'll go dark and wander among the faux field stadium embers contemplating how an obnoxious know nothing coach snowed him.
He'll rationalize reasons to keep him. The cloud of it's the injuries, player execution, academic standards...will fill his head and confuse him. He'll try to figure out how among the ashes Brian Kelly is ND football's bright light and savior. The rationalization of "I hired him and I don't make mistakes of this magnitude" will embolden him. He'll think back to this season and throw up.

As he leaves the stadium the snow is melting and he'll see an expensive leather glove on the ground. He'll think better to be half lucky, pick it up, notice the horrible smell and keep it...


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