Kelly didn't grow stupid overnight
by irishrock (2014-11-30 09:41:00)
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The problem is, nothing in his past experience shows he was smart to begin with. Looking back five years, I remember my big issue with Kelly was that his Concy teams had the lowest time of possession in CFB. That showed a lack of football IQ to me, that he was a Super a intends Tecmo Bowl coach, and those kinds of coaches don't work at the big programs. We have seen it happen...when the other team is weaker, but has the ball, their offense can catch lucky breaks (or make one on their own) by popping a big play, getting a PI, or getting a screw job by the refs. I think time of possession is one of footballs least appreciated stats.

There are a lot of problems in the program right now, everybody can see it. What are the solutions:

First, JS is as invested in Kelly as Kelly is, actually more so. Can or would JS have a stern discussion with Kelly? Does he even know the pertinent points to surface with Kelly regarding the poor game day decisions he has made? Frankly, on the field this is the 2nd worst loss of Kelly's tenure, after Alabama. A lot of his losses were stupid game time decisions. This game showed a complete lack of preparation and that is ALL on the coaches. Kelly exhibited poor leadership and direction for his team.

Second, JS put Weis on notice and he needs to do the same on Kelly. Weis knew he was fired so the drama at the end of 2009 was at a minimum. There needs to be an expectation of Kelly.

Third, stop the over the top treatment of the team. When I heard ND stayed at the Phoenician, that told me there is a problem with players being entitled. I get the "we'll travel in a first class way, and expect you to act in a first class way" but that is ridiculous. Moff will jump in and say that they have been doing this for years, but that is a resort and these guys are on a business trip.

Fourth, keep the schedule tough...don't back down from a great schedule.

Fifth, JS must have go to replacements at the ready. After the Eagles experience, I am sure he does.


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