My letter to Jack
by Dangelotti (2014-11-30 09:38:36)
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dear Mr. swarbrick,

Please accept my annual $200 donation and put it to the new Crossroads Notre Dame football museum you are building. I cannot wait to come back to campus and visit the once hallowed grounds of the Fighting Irish. I think it is a nice touch that you will actually have games played on the field so people are able to get that "in game experience". Hands on museums are all the rage right now - especially with the kids. I can't wait to take my soon-to-arrive grandson.

I am jealous of you as when I retire I was hoping to get a job either working at a museum or possibly volunteering at one. You'll get the enviable opportunity to be the caretaker of the museum. What fun!!

go Irish!!

Dave Angelotti
Class of 1985

And yes, I'm going to send this. Fuck him and the horse named Brian Kelly that he rode in on, he should be arrested for allowing Kelly to shit all over this program. What an asshat.


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