So what will our commuter AD do today?
by SWPaDem (2014-11-30 07:58:12)
Edited on 2014-11-30 08:22:42
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1) Use Los Angeles as a stepping stone for a well-deserved respite for a season that brought us new turf, tall grass, and smoke in the tunnel?

2) Head back to Indianapolis for same?

3) Accelerate delivery of the Jumbotron as the final piece of the puzzle required for Brian Kelly to succeed at Notre Dame?

4) Push for even faster delivery of Crossroads?

5) Mosey on back to South Bend, hire Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald (because who says you can't catch lightning in a bottle twice?), add variable lengths of puka shell neck adornments to complete his ensemble, and call it a day?

Brian Kelly is not our biggest problem, folks. Not if you think there's more than Notre Dame Football at stake here.

And yet you know it as well as I. Kelly will live on to torment us for at least one more season. Talk about a Dead Program Walking.


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