When asked about the offense Kelly, bereft of the injury
by irishbarrister (2014-11-30 07:00:31)
Edited on 2014-11-30 07:02:48
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  In reply to: Great body language, Brian  posted by Stonebreaker9

excuse used for the defense crap show, blamed player execution. No one would argue that Golson hasn't performed poorly (joined by the WRs yesterday), but he's not been helped out by his coach's lack of creativity, inflexibility and horror show of an offensive scheme.

Further, when asked what changes the program had to make, Kelly responded 'this is not a program situation, we're talking about pesonnel...'

No, the problem can't be your program, can it Brian? Because you've built a winning program. Lord knows you've repeated that line over and over, every chance you get. Self serving BS aside and placing blame on players yet again aside, does anyone really believe this man will change thigs one iota? That he will sit down this off season and objectively critique his own performance with an eye towards fixing what is so obviously problematic about his coaching? He can't fix his problems, becasue he doesn't think he has problems. He thinks he has but to find and plug in the right players. Freaking delusional.


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