I think Cutcliffe is deserving to be a candidate. (Edit)
by Revue Party (2014-11-30 02:00:18)
Edited on 2014-11-30 02:09:38
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  In reply to: A&M was 8-4 and ranked #20 Duke was ranked #22  posted by Bagimus Maximus

For several reasons:

1. He has had success at multiple programs. That means he played a role in the success. Not just the institution.
2. He's had success in a major conference. The SEC.
3. He's developed excellent players - see the Mannings.

He's lacking major success at a major program. That's probably my biggest concern. When Holtz was at Arkansas, it was a major program.

Then again until this year, Kyle Whittingham didn't have much success in a major conference, let alone a major program. Hugh Freeze may go 10-3 at Ole Miss. Well, Cutcliffe did that.

He would not be among my top choices. Maybe not even my top 5. I don't see why Fitzgerald would be considered at all or even mentioned in the same breath.

Edit: I'd put Cutcliffe ahead of most of the people on your list. All the C's. At least one B. And a few of the A's.

Then again, outside of Patterson, I'm hoping we can hire someone better than those you've listed.


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