I for one do not expect a close one
by jt (2014-11-30 01:24:19)

In reply to: They deserve it as a reward. *  posted by NDOLDTOWN

[insert name of bowl opponent here] has not had to deal with the kind of misfortune and bad luck we've had this year at Notre Dame. We have to play [insert names of various highly recruited players at ND that our bowl opponent would kill to have on their roster] at various times this year and that has made it hard for Kelly to consistently win. Even though he's building a program, coach Kelly doesn't have the advantages of [insert name of bowl opponent here].

However, if we beat [insert name of bowl opponent here] then it will surely be a sign that Kelly will have figured it out and turned it around and we will be bound for glory in 2015 just as soon as he can get his right kind of lads to buy into the program building!