Again. 0 Wins vs top 10 and 0 competitive games
by Bagimus Maximus (2014-11-30 01:15:57)
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  In reply to: "Look for a coach, who’s [sic] teams [sic] performance ...  posted by ShermanOaksND

You are getting blinded by a record and concluding that he must be a great coach. Its how we ended up with kelly.

And for the last time, this does not mean that I think Fitz is a better coach than Cutcliffe, it means that there is more evidence based on the criteria listed, that he would succeed. And by that criteria, I don't believe EITHER of them is a good candidate.

you guys are getting lost in the woods here, arguing over C and C- candidates. The point of the post is that we shouldn't hire either of them


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