Thanks for clarifying. I should do the same
by Bagimus Maximus (2014-11-30 01:12:14)
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  In reply to: People here would be satisfied with 73%.  posted by Revue Party

My comment on Holtz record not being stellar. I'm talking about his record the previous year. 6-5. We get caught up in "what have you done for me lately?" and lose sight of the coaching job that is being done

As for Fitzgerald, I don't consider him a good candidate. However there is a longer history with him, that suggests that he is a decent coach, certainly not great, who has at least competed and won games vs top 10 opponents. Which is why i gave him a C.

Cutcliffe, while he has amassed an impressive record at Duke, has not done it by competing with top teams. He hasn't beaten a top 10 opponent, and only has 1 game that i would remotely consider competing in such games. Which is why he graded as a C-

These grades are not my opinion of them as quality of coaches. I am grading their resumes based on the criteria in the original post.


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