People here would be satisfied with 73%.
by Revue Party (2014-11-30 01:02:24)
Edited on 2014-11-30 01:06:21

In reply to: My point, is that people on this board, are not satisfied  posted by Bagimus Maximus

That's been a point ShermanOaks has been making repeatedly. If Brian Kelly had won 73% of his games at Notre Dame, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Because he'd probably be 10-2 this year.

Holtz had record of 73% or better over a period 11 years, including at a school not historically strong at football.

Winning percentages are not reliable over a short period time. No one is arguing that. I'm arguing the opposite. Winning percentages over a longer period of time, however, at the right programs are.

Kelly's record was good for three whole years at Cincinnati. Brady Hoke coached one decent year at Ball State and one decent year at San Diego State.

As for David Cutcliffe, he is one of the winningest coaches at an SEC school, the winningest since the early seventies. He took a program that had been mediocre for the previous 25 years and made it respectable. He had one bad year and got canned. He took over a Duke program that had been as terrible as a program can be and made it respectiable. Do I think that makes Cutcliffe a top candidate? No. But he's certainly at a different level than Pat Fitzgerald, who's won 53% of his games.