I turned down a ticket to the game. I sensed a bad day.
by mkovac (2014-11-30 00:12:58)
Edited on 2014-11-30 00:21:46
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I've been to plenty of ND/SC games in the LA Coliseum.

Some were great wins. Some were heartbreaking losses.

For the most part, the Irish came ready to play.

My sister asked me if I wanted to go with her (she's an SC grad). I politely said "No. I don't have a good feeling about our team."

It's pretty damn bad when an alum won't go see his team play. I imagine I am not the only one to stop looking at Stubhub for tickets for this game. I think I stopped looking after the Arizona State game. Then, when ND lost to Northwestern, I knew that something more than injuries were bothering this team.

For some reason, this team's implosion reminds me of the 2007 ND team, where I figured there was a sickness of the heart plaguing the team.

How else can the 2014 Fighting Irish team be explained: A 6-0 start, followed by a win taken away by a stupid ref in the Florida State game and then the way the team stepped into an elevator shaft for the second half of the season?

I understand that we have had injuries, but it's on Kelly if there is that much of a fall-off between the first string and the substitutes. The loss to Northwestern shows that the team didn't have their head on straight. Giving up so many points to so many teams is an indication that there is nothing "fighting" about these Irish. Whiffed, ole tackles, an inability to hold teams from marching down the field, an offense that doesn't know how to run block, a head coach who doesn't care about a running game. All this points to a sickness of the heart and it all comes down to Brian Kelly.

He is an arrogant man. If he were winning, being arrogant would not be an epithet; it would be something we could say that it's an attribute of someone who is a perfectionist and knows more than we do about football.

I'm willing to admit that he knows more about football than I. But I'm not willing to admit that he belongs at ND. He's taken our deep love of our football team and treated it with hubris and stupidity. He is being outcoached and he does not make changes that we can all see need to be made.

What the F is going on here?

I don't know, but Swarbrick better, or he's going to screw this program up so bad that we are going to be a national joke, if we are not one already.

I've never been a Brian Kelly fan. I was not optimistic about our chances when we were going into the Alabama game.

We started this season out like a house on fire. We ended like a house that just burned down.


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