The financial aspects are worlds apart...
by Kbyrnes (2014-11-30 00:07:11)
Edited on 2014-11-30 00:39:11
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...The experience of any pro team with a brand new stadium sheds very little light on the Crossroads project, and I say that having appraised a major sports stadium and in the process having become familiar with the economics of these facilities.

Just a few major differences: no pro sports team has the financial resources of the University of Notre Dame. The tax implications of a university and ownership of a pro franchise are apples and oranges. Pro teams don't have significant donors contributing funds for construction. While athletics is ancillary to the core mission of a university, it's everything to a pro franchise. Pro stadiums must be planned with a lot of input from local government due to traffic, utility, and neighboring ownership considerations (not to mention the fact that most modern stadiums have been financed by the public). Construction on a campus that is under unitary ownership is more insulated from local government controls.


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