It feels a lot worse
by ugoirish (2014-11-29 22:12:17)
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  In reply to: This feels a lot like 2008  posted by Jvan

because there seems to be less hope that something will be done about it, even after next year. If Weis hadn't lost to Navy (the loss that Swarbrick said cost him his job) and had figured out a way to get by mighty UConn or Pitt or maybe gotten lucky against Stanford he would have been 8-4 and I'll bet Swarbrick would have argued that his trajectory was headed upward from 3-9 to 7-6 to 8-4. Say Kelly goes 9-3 next year. Will Sawrbrick fire him for that?

But I get your point. If Kelly really has lost this team, the losses won't be by 4, 7, 2, 5, 3 and 7 points like they were in Weis' last year.


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