I disagree....are you basing this on QB play?
by ndgotrobbedin97 (2014-11-29 21:42:47)
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  In reply to: Scrapping his offense won't matter.  posted by Bruno95

He's a QB-centric coach to be sure. And, that leads him to over-coach the QB and put too much on him to make his offense hum. But, I have not been unhappy whatsoever in his player development. Do you remember Weis and Willingham in this regard? Guys regressed. The only place I see this now is at QB.

I think the problem is the horrible scheme that leads to 19 of the first 20 plays being passes by a rattled, screwed-in-the-head QB....OK, I might be exaggerating by one or two, but the point stands. And, that scheme lacks any sort of effective running plays. Does the cutesy jet sweep not work against this team....well hell. Let's chuck it.

Think how good Bryant could be if he was given a lead blocker and was allowed to run towards the LOS before grabbing the ball. You have to have some kind of power option. The dancing bear offense ND employs is hard to run with any kind of mentality of toughness. And sometimes games come down to that.

Sometimes you have to line up and run the ball with your cock swinging like you're Ron Jeremy. You have to smash the opponent, especially when they're mentally worn. This offense can't do it. And that's the problem.


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