If only Kelly actually had an open competition for QB...
by oggie (2015-01-05 15:47:40)
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  In reply to: Nola.com report Golson has reached out to LSU re: transfer *  posted by kweld90

Does anyone think playing Rees then Hendrix with Zaire sitting the entire 2013 year was always the best option?

Does anyone think not giving Zaire a sniff this year when your starter (after another supposed open competition for the job) is setting a school record for turnovers was the best option?

The fact that Golson is looking to transfer is just another data point that the competition is never as open for the position as Kelly says it is. If the competition were truly open, I'd think Golson would stay at ND determined to try and win back the job.

I wonder how many other positions might not have the best guy starting (I can think of one OT as an example in 2014).


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