Yep, that's why it's tracked....
by cj (2015-01-04 22:21:16)

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FYI Kelly's grades:

On field performance F
Off field performance F
Offensive performance F
Defensive performance F
Special teams performance F

Try to get past those grades without blaming players....

He blows.

PS Here's what I shared years ago when our pygmy of a coach was ripening at a pace that went beyond his expiration date.

2 NFL players one is a UCLA WR/NFL and the other is a USC corner/NFL both stated you can take a lot of sh** when you are cashing a check, but this isn't going to work in college.

kelly has blown his gasket so often that it's ineffective. He has become chicken little only purple.

PS Your take on Harbaugh's success at stanford being the result of a once in a lifetime QB had me laughing. Thank you.

Didn't Harbaugh recruit 4 star Luck and develop him?

There are a bunch of NFL players that owe Harbaugh huge for his development skills and HC acumen. There are going to be a ton more.

He is going to build the biggest meat grinder um has ever seen.

Your PR spin is just that...