good Lord, we've been hearing this sh-t for years
by jt (2015-01-04 15:40:01)

In reply to: I don't think Kelly's offense is a very good fit for Golson  posted by faustfever

if that bowl game proved anything it proved that Kelly needs to adjust his offense to fit his players and if and when he does that he can and will have success.

This bullshit about "not having his qb to fit his system" really should have stopped years ago but it should especially stop now. Golson would be just fine in an offense that features run heavy, double tight formations, shifting to jumbo, sweeps off of dive looks, etc. In fact, it would open up the middle of the field for him on play action.

We haven't won more games not because Kelly hasn't had a qb to fit his scheme but because Kelly hasn't adjusted to the qb's that he has had. He's been square peg/round hole for years.