This is a foolish argument. Then we need to asterisk all
by irishguard78 (2015-01-04 08:52:56)
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  In reply to: Number of championships is also ...  posted by Barney68

Championships prior to the creation of the super bowl era? That makes Unitas' championship null/meaningless......and his ring.....heck, let's tell everyone that Jim Brown's rushing records prior to the super bowl don't count as well. Or Hornung's scoring record of 176 points in a shorter season. Take em all away? Count them less?

Prior to the first super bowl and even after the first two, the AFL was considered a joke. Number of teams or not, then let's look at the number of teams in baseball as well and try to decide if the Yankees championships count....or the guys who wore rings from back then if they existed.


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