New Balance.
by AraStopTheSnow (2015-01-03 21:58:04)
Edited on 2015-01-03 22:03:54
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  In reply to: Name another multinational "shoe company" that is different.  posted by BaBaBooey

They still make most of their highest-priced models in this country.

I understand your quote marks around "shoe company" are asterisking your comment to refer only to that handful of Goliaths who've branched out into all sorts of apparel-related sports promotion, but that's begging the question.

Beyond that, this whole question doesn't speak at all to my bigger point: about Oregon's program vs. Notre Dame. At ND, athletics are mostly financed by the university. They're not the business model of, say, a pro sports team owned by the TV station that broadcasts them, or the beer that advertises on their telecasts. Oregon substantially is.


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