by Domer99 (2015-01-03 15:29:47)
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  In reply to: I have no idea why you are pumping this so hard.  posted by bleedsgreen04

I think other schools have reached out to him. I recall reading an unsourced rumor about South Carolina reaching out. Which would make sense because they have an opening and he's from South Carolina. I think people pick up on some of these rumors and it can get twisted that Golson is proactively looking. It certainly doesn't hurt him to listen to others courting him. He already went through that when he was suspended, so it's not unchartered territory for him

But Golson isn't graduating this semester. So, it's probably in his best interest to see how the cards fall after spring practice. His best opportunity is to see whether he'll be the guy coming out of Spring Ball. If he doesn't like it then he can make a decision. But he'll be limited to the summer and preseason camp to get himself up to speed somewhere else.


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