Agreed. "Great" overstates it. There are certainly programs.
by Raoul (2015-01-03 12:10:09)
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  In reply to: I think you are way off base.  posted by The Beef

I bet Miami, OH and Martin would take him tomorrow. But I don't see lots of great programs handing over jobs to senior transfers. If you go there, you have to win the job. No guarantees. Great programs have other talented players waiting to win jobs.

Right now a lot of these transfers are inside jobs. People have ties to the school they are transferring too (like Hendrix to Miami). Rumor of Hogan to UM is also based on fact that Harbaugh recruited him.

It takes special circumstances to make a 5th year QB transfer happen. If he transfers (and starts) I suspect it will be to a MAC or C-USA or very weak power 5 (Wake-type).

And just because someone transfers, doesn't mean he will start, especially at a top program. (see Coker, Jacob)


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