There is no doubt we will be loaded next year
by PA_DoubleD (2015-01-03 10:05:42)
Edited on 2015-01-03 11:13:59

In reply to: 19 returning starters for ND in 2015.  posted by BigNDfan

The junior class to be is one of the best we've had in the last 10 years. At least 3 guys will declare early after next season. We have experienced talent at every position on offense besides a few OL positions which have highly rated guys waiting to supplant them. Tremendous skill position players at RB and WR with Daniels possibly coming back and people like Torii Hunter, Justin Brent, and Corey Holmes looking to contribute.

Defensively, we will still be a little on the young side, but have three year starters in Jaylon and Jarron Jones leading their units, Redfield the center of the secondary, the return of our best cornerback in Russell and leader in Joe Schmidt. Hopefully all the experience the freshmen and sophomores got this year will pay dividends next year. I'm a little concerned about BVG, but the talent is there to work with.

Overall, it has the makings of a playoff caliber team. Experience at every position, depth better than it was last year, plenty of talent on both sides of the ball. So it will be up to our head coach to recognize it's strengths and play to them the way we did against LSU. If we can run the ball down the throats of the number 1 defense in the SEC filled with NFL talent, we can do it against the teams we play next year.

I don't think there's anyway you can start Everett, atleast at the beginning ofthe season. He has proven to be too turnover prone and inconsistent, plus does not offer the running threat Zaire does. Let Malik get the majority of the reps in the spring and fall, and groom the offense around him. Golson could work well in the backup role Rees did in 2012, because it's possbile Zaire get's hurt. Get Kizer work in the spring too, he has a great skill set to develop and needs to be groomed in case Golson doesn't come back or gets hurt.

Run the ball, control the clock, then hurt teams off play action. It keeps your defense off the field and should limit turnovers. If ND does that with their talent and experience there is absolutely no reason we don't win 11 or even 12 games. I hope Kelly proves us all wrong and actually does the right thing next year with the offense, but right now my feeling is he'll get too much confidence in Zaire, start having him throw 40 times a game like Golson, our special teams will continue to suck and bite us in the ass because of Kelly's ignorance, and we end up 9-3 or 10-2.