Which is exactly why their successors had 7+ years of
by rockmcd (2015-01-02 21:17:44)
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  In reply to: Davie & Weis had never been head coaches when ND hired them *  posted by Jvan

head coaching experience.

Replacing Holtz: He was great. Stay the course and hire a member of his staff.

Replacing Davie: He lacked HC experience. Hire a guy with 7 years HC experience in a major conference.

Replacing Ty: He didn't "get" ND and got outcoached. Hire an ND alum that is an X's & O's guru.

Replacing Weis: Same as Davie. Hire a guy with 20 years HC experience.

Replacing Kelly: He lacked major program experience and has had trouble retaining blue chip recruits. When the day comes, I'm sure they'll get somebody who had been an assistant at an elite program and a head coach at a P5 program. And they'll get a guy with a defensive background if BVG can't turn things around.

You see, it's always reactionary.


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