Only because it's you ......
by gadomer (2015-01-02 19:58:52)
Edited on 2015-01-02 19:59:24
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  In reply to: why stop at $10 mill/yr bro? $17 mill plus incentives *  posted by JD in Portland

I am stunned (not really) that some have not learned the lesson of hiring a coach to a long-term deal, for a lot of money, only to fire him when he fails to meet expectations.

I can tell you the havoc that has played with some at ND:

ND: Hello, JD in Portland
JD in P: Yes
ND: I am calling about giving to ND
JD in P: Why do you need my money when you are paying that sorry ex-coach $85Million to not coach our team?
ND: But, but, but, the ex-coach is donating part of that money to the scholarship fund?
JD in P: When I see it, you might call me in the future. CLICK!


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