Stipulated that the entire "industry" (edited) ....
by CJC (2015-01-02 17:25:33)
Edited on 2015-01-02 18:38:50
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  In reply to: That's ridiculous, not ballsy. *  posted by CaptainIrish

is ridiculous.

But paying Chip Kelly $10MM is less ridiculous than whatever lesser amount we're paying Coachocinco.

EDIT: Reminded by Kayo's post of C.Kelly's run-ins with the NCAA, I'm not persuaded that he's a good fit for Notre Dame, certainly without Notre Dame obtaining satisfactory explanations to those allegations. I stand by my point as it pertains to the relative performances of the two Kellys, mindful that C.Kelly's achievements may have been enhanced by NCAA-prohibited activities.


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