Do you know that for a fact
by NDFANOK57 (2015-01-02 16:00:56)
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  In reply to: If the Eagles job opens  posted by serious

I'm an Eagles season ticket holder, and I don't know that, nor does anyone I know..In fact, with all the intrigue surrounding Chip Kelly in Philly now, heightened by the VP' firing,they were just talking on talk radio how secretive the Eagles organization is..most organizations have leaks, not the Birds..the McNabb trade, the cutting of Desean Jackson, Gamble's firing all came out of the blue..thats why I ask if you have any concrete info...its common knowledge that CHip Kelly was Eagles no. 1 choice two years ago, Chip declined and Brian entered the picture..No offer was ever made according to sources, no indication anything was close .and Eagles had moved onto Gus Bradley when apparently Chip had a change of heart and called the Eagles..


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