Who believes everything that gets posted here?
by ugoirish (2015-01-02 15:56:36)
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  In reply to: I wouldn't call EK or Andy a liar either.  posted by FourLeafDomer

Does assuming credibility when Bonger says he has a source that he trusts equate to believing "everything that gets posted here"? He has a pretty good history over the years of posting things regarding ND, sometimes rather obliquely, and those things being in the news a week or two later. I'm thinking in particular of his posts about scheduling several years ago that predated the announcement of the Shamrock Series - something that I don't remember being discussed anywhere else before here. He also seems to be pretty restrained in regards to what he posts. I don't mean to belabor the point and Bonger doesn't need defending by me but it seems odd to equate giving credence to what he's heard in this case to believing everything that is posted on this board.


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