What made these baseball cards unique at the time
by Moff (2017-08-13 11:40:15)
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they were issued? There were hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands like them? The answer is that just about everyone else threw theirs away. And if I still had one, and my child who just doesn't get or care about their value, colored them with crayons to make them look better in his or eyes, it would be quite a loss.

If I had the time or inclination, I would explain what I loved about ND stadium (and the way Rockne helped design it with very narrow sidelines to keep the hangers on and glad-handers off the sideline) in comparison to other stadiums then and now, but that is not the point. The point is we have a new mantra on here (and I am by no means directing all of this at you), with people listing all the things they don't care about. Things that our fans (ones who knew a lot better about our history because they witnessed it) used to take great pride in as making us stand apart. Instead we get, "I just want to win and that will fix everything." And that just makes us more like everyone else.

You could walk into that locker room and it was damn near the same as when Rockne, and Leahy, and Parseghian, and Devine coached there, and our players knew it. That was so much more valuable, in the hands of coaches who understood and revered our traditions, than trying to impress a moron or two a year who might want to go elsewhere because we don't have a pimptastic stadium locker room for them to uses 5 to 10 hours a year, assuming we aren't moving games 90 miles away or to half empty Alamo Domes. If they are that vacuous and shallow, I'd be worried that they are the type of people that are not going to be able to cut it at ND, and end up having a trainer doing their papers, resulting in two seasons of vacated wins and probation. And I can tell there are a lot of people on here who are not really concerned about that either. They just want to win.


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