Considering our stadium was patterned on
by smithwick (2017-08-12 22:24:10)
Edited on 2017-08-12 22:30:02
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Michigans, it's always been similar on the interior. You've been to A&M recently, so maybe in person it's different, but as was mentioned below, A&M has multiple decks and at least from the pictures, they don't really look that similar (at least to me) at all.

I asked this question below, but 40-50 years ago, no stadiums had Jumbotrons, luxury boxes, ribbon boards, and all the other modern bells and whistles. Was ND stadium when Ara took over that different from Michigan or Ohio State or Alabama? From an architectural standpoint, no. However, we had a tradition of winning and winning big so of course ND stadium became a unique place where national championships were won from multiple decades across numerous coaches. That doesn't make Crossroads any more palatable but I find the discussion about uniqueness of venue mostly window dressing when the only reason our stadium was a national destination was due to the winning culture that was established there even if the original stadium did a feature a nice, understated design.


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