ND has built the Titanic of Stadiums
by trout (2017-08-12 20:00:27)
Edited on 2017-08-12 21:35:38
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  In reply to: Other than Doak Campbell, which stadiums does it look like? *  posted by smithwick

To some it may appear like an abomination of the traditional stadium, and that may be justifiably so, but to me it seems more like the new approach to the College Football experience that others will emulate.

Reminds me of a giant cruise ship with various promenades and decks.

The one finishing touch Saavy may have missed were the lifeboats.

Considering the icebergs that lie ahead.

If this great ship sinks, he must go down.

On a more serious note, I think the new ND Stadium may be the most grandiose football facility in the Nation. I think it may be part of the reason for the recent recruitment success, despite the shortcomings of recent performance.

My guess is you will see the Alabama's, USC's and Ohio St's soon trying to top what ND has done here.


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