It will be second to only OU OSU
by JBrock18 (2017-08-11 23:07:28)
Edited on 2017-08-11 23:08:18
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  In reply to: I can't wait to see the ratings for the first 2 ND Games.  posted by irpa

maybe. People in the east do not give a shit about Stanford and USC so you can toss that one out. I suspect someone who is not a fan of any of the teams playing, but watches college football closely, will be flipping between the games, particularly the OU game and the ND game. Clemson and Auburn despite Clemson winning last year, are just not the draw nationally of Ohio State and even a beleaguered ND program. If you check the ratings for games going back from 2016 to say 2010 ND still plays in games that end up being in the top 5 ratings wise for regular season games every year.


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