I learned to hate them at the ND/Michigan game in 2003
by mkovac (2017-08-11 21:16:53)
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  In reply to: How ND will use the Jumbotron  posted by Buckeyejohn05

It was that 38-0 game, where Lot's Wife stood on the sidelines listening to Miles Davis as we got pushed around the field. At one point, during Michigan's 10 minute 99 yard drive, I noticed that Michigan's players looked up and behind them after every play.
They were watching themselves on their Jumbotron. They didn't even realize they were doing it. It had become a Pavlovian response, wanting to see why their fans were cheering after the whistle had blown.

I had already disliked the USC Tron in the LA Coliseum, but it took that game in Ann Arbor to really learn to hate them.

They are vile, the Devil's work and will come to degrade what simple purities used to exist within ND Stadium.


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