I like the inside a lot
by billweber72 (2017-08-11 21:03:44)
Edited on 2017-08-11 21:07:02
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  In reply to: ISD has stadium video  posted by SEE

Say what you will about the three attached buildings, I think that they did a beautiful and tasteful job on the concourse, the locker room, the recruits' lounge, the new bench seats, and the outdoor loge seating.

From what I've read and seen, I have the impression that they will manage the screen appropriately, also. I'm pretty sure that everyone is going to love it except for a handful of people, all of whom post on this board.

The three attached buildings, meh. They should have been more Dillon Hall and less Power Plant. Maybe they were trying to look like the original stadium. At least they hide most of the 1990s exterior remodeling. And, the idea of concentrating a lot of classroom and other space at this location on campus is smart, because the stadium has always been an obstacle on my way to the Convo, as it was once known.

I can't say that my essential Notre Dame experience from 1968 through 1972 was diminished by the presence of several spectacularly unattractive buildings, namely the library, the ACC, Stepan Center, the old bookstore, Grace and Flanner Halls, or Fisher-Pangborn-Stanford-Keenan Halls. I don't think that Crossroads will be any worse. In fact, I think that over time people will more than accept it.

Now, the challenge is to rebuild the program so that future designers have some glory from this century to recall.

I realize that it's not fashionable on this board to be not completely negative, so pelt me with empties.


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