Here's the problem, though
by El Kabong (2017-08-11 15:46:06)
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  In reply to: I think he's already copped to the reasons "why".  posted by rockmcd

If Brian Van Gorder had suffered a stroke upon setting foot on the turf in Texas and completely lost the ability to coach the defense, that would be one thing. But he was a known commodity since halfway through his first season, and yet the "we" who failed Trumbetti et al kept him employed for two more seasons.

The 27-year coaching veteran didn't have the first clue his S&C program was in complete meltdown until he conducted "exit interviews" with his players. His assistant coaches apparently didn't have an opinion, the managers had no idea ... nobody above the player level had any ideas about S&C, and then the magic interviews happened.

This shouldn't happen at any D1 program, let alone at Notre Dame.


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