I think he's already copped to the reasons "why".
by rockmcd (2017-08-11 14:53:24)
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Not that they'll satisfy anyone. They certainly don't satisfy me. But as I recall, after the Mich St game last year (or maybe it was after the Texas game) he explained that he had delegated too much and did not have enough first-hand involvement with the defense. You might remember that during the last 1 or 2 games he was sticking his nose in BVG's sideline huddles as a futile and amusing last ditch effort to rectify it.

Why he defended the coaching in the Duke postgame presser is subject to interpretation. My interpretation is that it was a chaotic moment and he was just trying to BS his way through the presser without tipping his hand that BVG's job was in jeopardy. But I really don't know. If you want him to parse his own words from that day, you'll probably have to wait until the book comes out.

Regarding the deterioration of the strength & conditioning program, he explained why that happened too. His answer was that the post season debriefs with all the players clued him in that it was a problem, and that he himself wasn't spending enough time with the players to notice it earlier. "Why" he wasn't spending enough time was because he was focusing too much on the offense and other peripheral issues that the HC has to balance. That obviously isn't the type of answer that's going to make anybody optimistic about the future, but that's the answer he gave.

As for this particular soundbite, here is my Rorschach Test:
- This stuff isn't mutually exclusive.
- BVG did do a shitty job for which he was justifiably fired,
- AND everybody knows that the head coach has ultimately responsible for the results. Perhaps Kelly doesn't give lip service to this as often as we'd all like, but he does say it sometimes. His use of the word "we" in this case is one example.

"We did a poor job of developing him" seems reasonable and accurate to me, and I don't think the word "we" was just lip service based on what I wrote above. The additional phrase "until this year" that he tacked onto the end should pretty much be ignored until the season starts.


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